Rare Fossilized Baby Turtle Coming Out Of Egg Million Years Fossilized Turtle

Pawn Stars RARE FOSSIL EGG is Very Old u0026 Very Valuable Season 17 History

Rare fossilized baby turtle coming out of egg million years fossilized turtle this item can be shipped worldwide. This item is in the category Collectibles\Rocks, Fossils & Minerals\Fossils\Vertebrates\Amphibian, Reptile & Dinosaur. Since these fossilized Baby Turtle shows it while coming out of egg and has been died while trying to come out of her egg and fossilized since it has been found At Desert it seems to come back to millions of years since these Baby Turtle while trying to come out of egg has died due to strong storm or bad weather and has been fossilized on that shape since these is very Rare fossilized Turtle as it is very difficult to find like it again if you like just add these fossilized turtle to your collection.

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